About Us

What is Ghoorni?

Ghoorni is the first campus-based online marketplace for the university students of Bangladesh

Ghoorni is a platform for the university students where they can list their new or used products and search for products listed by other students. Classified ads portals are popular among the university students for many reasons. In a country with 83.141 million internet subscribers only 23% of the total internet users shop online. Especially, women have lower presence in digital marketplaces than men. It is because the existing online marketplaces have some common issues that keep many users away from using them. For example, the lack of security, the lack of a robust privacy policy, risk of fraud and so on.

Regular online marketplaces are open to anyone and everyone which can make these platforms a bait for malicious people to steal people’s money or even worse kidnap or hijack people. So, we looked for a market where online marketplaces are widely used yet each user’s identity can be verified.

We found the university students niche to be the most appropriate segment. This is when Ghoorni narrowed its focus down to university students only. On this platform, each of the members is a verified student. We’re going to have each of their information. In case of any unwanted situation, we can provide the right authority with the suspect’s information. When a university student buys from or sells to another student, he or she no longer needs to travel to an unfamiliar place to meet a total stranger. They can meet at their own campus or use our delivery system to buy and sell with a student at a different campus. Ghoorni has developed its own private messaging or live chatting system which means a user doesn’t necessarily have to share phone numbers with another user. Thus, Ghoorni ensures better security, privacy of information and more reliability.

Why Choose Ghoorni?

Ghoorni is designed & developed solely for the university students of Bangladesh


Better Security Measures

Ghoorni's key objective is to make digital marketplace more secure for the university students. All users are required to buy and sell at their university premises only. Which means they don't have to travel to an unfamiliar place to meet a stranger.


A Robust Privacy Policy

Cyer harrassment is a pressing issue in Bangladesh. We are in the process of building a Private Messaging System that will replace the idea of sharing phone numbers online. This will reduce the risk of cyber harrassment using mobile devices, email or social media.


Lower Risk of Fraud

Ghoorni is not accessible to just anyone and everyone with an internet connection. All users are university students who are required to verify their identity using their student ID cards. In case of any fraudulent activity, we take measures to prevent it.

Got Something to Sell?

List your items on Ghoorni, the first ever campus-based online marketplace in Bangladesh! It's FREE!

Our Features

Ghoorni has a set of necessary features, at present. Many more features are coming soon.

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Reporting of Fake Listing

User Verification System

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Private Messaging System

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AI-Backed Fraud Detection

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See What Others Say

Don't take out word for it! See what other university students says about Ghoorni

Adib Ahmed

East West University

ঘূর্ণির মাধ্যম খুব সহজেই বেচে দিয়েছি আগের সেমিস্টারের বইগুলো। নতুন সেমিস্টারের বইগুলোও কিনে ফেললাম ঘূর্ণি থেকেই। দারুণ অভিজ্ঞতা হল! স্টুডেন্টদের জন্য এমন চমৎকার প্ল্যাটফর্ম আর একটিও নেই।

Monisha Rahman

North South University

I bought a pre-owned iPhone from Ghoorni. It was in great condition, no scratch or dent, most importantly, the price was really reasonable. Thanks to the seller.

Asif Imran

BRAC University

প্রায় নতুন গিটারটা বাসায় অনেকদিন থেকেই পরে ছিল! ভাবলাম বেচে দেই। ঘূর্ণিতে পোস্ট দিলাম আর মাত্র ৩ দিনের মাথায় ভার্সিটির এক জুনিয়র সেটা কিনে ফেললো! এতো সহজে যে বেচা যাব সত্যিইে ভাবিনি!